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Family Ceremonies

Family Ceremonies

Ceremonies can help us acknowledge the richness of our lives and the complexity of our many relationships.

I would be delighted to work with you to write and conduct a meaningful ceremony for any of the following occasions or any other situation in which you feel that a ritual would strengthen you or add to your comfort or joy.

Child Welcoming

Societies in every corner of the globe have baby naming ceremonies to welcome a new child into their group.  These ceremonies usually involve the parents, grandparents, and other adults as well who vow to act as protectors, guides and guardians to help the child grow and develop.  A celebrant baby blessing is the perfect answer when the parents are of separate faiths.

Adoption Ceremonies

After the adoption of a child, whether as an infant or an older child, an adoption ceremony helps to fold the new child into the existing family. Pictures of the adoption ceremony can be used to help explain how the child came to be in the family. For the older child, adoption ceremonies can be a powerful confirmation that they are now part of a new family unit with all the joys and responsibilities that entails.

Coming of Age Ceremonies

Adolescence is sometimes a period of psychological turmoil and a Coming of Age ceremony can help the young person’s emotional well-being by easing the passage to adulthood.

These ceremonies can be both joyous and profound as they welcome young people into the world of grown-ups and allow the passing on of knowledge and wisdom from one generation to the next. In the Southwest, a Quinceanera Ceremony is frequently held for young women at age 15.

It is not unusual to find ourselves experiencing profound growth or psychological change when we are far beyond adolescence – a change so dramatic we feel almost like a new person. Whether that happens at 30 or 70, a Coming of Age ceremony is appropriate to mark this life passage. One example of this is the Croning Ceremony for women of around age 50. A Croning Ceremony acknowledges a woman’s age, wisdom, and power.

House Blessings or House Cleansings

New house?  Fill it full of good vibrations and make it yours with a house blessing.  Cleanse it of any lurking old vibes and invite friends to help make it truly your home.  Something bad happen in the house?  A house cleansing ceremony with salt, water, citrus and fire (candles) can make it fresh and new again.

Divorce Ceremonies

Weddings are filled with months of planning and ritual, but when the divorce comes, you usually walk out of the courtroom alone with the finality of the ended marriage.  Whether you have desired the divorce or not, there is a sense of loss. When it is time to say good-bye, a divorce ceremony can help you end the relationship without bitterness, acknowledge whatever good has come from your union, and move onto the next stage of your life. For women, a divorce ceremony may involve a ritual of reclaiming your birth name.