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About Us

About Carolyn

I have a master’s degree from the University of Arizona and certification in Marriage and Funeral Celebrancy from the International College of Celebrancy. I am ordained through the Universal Brotherhood Movement as a nondenominational minister.  When it is time for me to write your ceremony, I bring my many years of interviewing and writing experience. I have studied and written about Native American ceremonies and have visited and participated in ceremonies in many other parts of the world – from Africa to Southeast Asia to Mexico. You can read about the eight books I have written at

I keep up with the latest practices through my memberships in the American Association of Wedding Officiants, the Celebrant Foundation Association, the National Association of Wedding Officiants and the National Association of Wedding Ministers.

I also have years of experience as an event organizer both in professional paid positions and as a volunteer for nonprofit groups in Arizona and New Jersey.

About Ford

Should it be important to you to have a male officiant, you may choose to have Dr. Ford Burkhart perform your ceremony. Dr. Burkhart has had a long career as a writer and editor and was a university professor for 20 years. He has a doctorate in public administration and studied theology at the Institute of the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in New York City. Dr. Burkhart is available for both civil and religious ceremonies.





What is Celebrant?

Celebrants are trained professionals who believe in the power and effectiveness of ceremony and ritual to mark important life passages.

The “certified celebrant” logo on this page tells you that Carolyn has graduated from the International College of Celebrancy and has undergone extensive training to assist you and your loved ones in creating dignified and customized personal ceremonies for your most important life events.

Celebrant Foundation and Institute was established in New Jersey in to bring the services of trained civil celebrants to America. You can read more about the Celebrant Foundation and Institute at or phone 973-746-1792.  The celebrant movement started more than 20 years ago in Australia. Today Australian celebrants perform more than half of all weddings and funerals in that country.